The Way We Treat Each Other in 2020

“The Way We Treat Each Other in 2020” is a podcast episode from early August 2020 from The Purpose Show. She comments on the state of life today with an uplifting message that will make your Monday.
Shaming and bullying seem to have become a normal part of our society right now and it’s time to turn our thought processes to something more positive.



Published by Patty Gordon

I’m Patty Gordon, a 40+ year old school lunch lady married to a crane mechanic. Our days are anything but normal as he works “construction worker hours” and I take care of our two elementary school aged kids, Chihuahua Mr Biggs, Pitbull Cali, and French Bulldog MooMoo. I blogged a few years ago under different names but have landed with the name this time around. The term 365MomMe comes from the idea that I’m a mom and I’m me 365 days a year. Kids call me Mommy but I see myself as MomMe.

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