(Hashtag) Self Care Awareness Month

Get unstuck

Fitness is a very important area of my life and yet it is the one thing in my life where I’m completely stuck.

Five years ago I got up on the daily, worked out and lived a fitness lifestyle, but lately I’ve found it extremely hard to follow through with anything. Yes COVID shelter in place has something to do with this. I feel extremely overwhelmed right now and it makes everything in my life 10 times harder to get accomplished.

At one point a few weeks ago I was doing great working on 100 workouts. I failed to continue that as soon as school started despite having a plan set out before me.

The only consistent thing about my process right now in losing weight lately is that I’m inconsistent. It’s hard when my life belongs more to my kids and my husband than myself. I keep trying to get back to it, but I keep finding reasons to not follow through.

Today I realized for #selfcareawarenessmonth that I need to get back to taking care of me. It really is all about me, right? If I can’t take care of myself, then I can’t take care of them.


So my tip for you, which I’m planning for tomorrow is:

First thing in the day put it on your schedule that you HAVE TO do something.

For me it’s going to be finding a time to go #running. I think I may have to get up and get out at 7am to do it.


Published by Patty Gordon

I’m Patty Gordon, a 40+ year old school lunch lady married to a crane mechanic. Our days are anything but normal as he works “construction worker hours” and I take care of our two elementary school aged kids, Chihuahua Mr Biggs, Pitbull Cali, and French Bulldog MooMoo. I blogged a few years ago under different names but have landed with the 365MomMe.com name this time around. The term 365MomMe comes from the idea that I’m a mom and I’m me 365 days a year. Kids call me Mommy but I see myself as MomMe.

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